Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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Introduction: Medicinal marijuana elicits a wide variety of reactions, reflective of the controversy surrounding it. Scientific data proving effectiveness is debatable, and some states are convinced that medicinal marijuana should be an option, while others make no distinction between illegal marijuana use and medicinal marijuana. The U.S. history of medicinal marijuana is full of tensions between states and the federal government, and people caught by the federal government in states that allow medicinal marijuana are subject to full prosecution, raising questions about the autonomy of states versus the federal government. Some people are worried that by allowing medicinal marijuana, it opens the gateway for the legalization of all marijuana use, which is what they're really against. For some, the costs of legalizing medicinal marijuana aren't worth the benefits, which aren't very well known; personal accounts of reduced pain from marijuana don't qualify as conclusive evidence, and it's very hard to do a wide-scale controlled experiment with an illegal substance. Information conflicts down to the very basic facts of the benefits of medicinal marijuana on certain symptoms, so it's important to know the biases of the sources.

Purpose: The purpose of this blog is to gather information of medicinal marijuana use by documenting the potential uses, history and legal controversy surrounding the topic. It may be obvious, but we’ve drawn our own conclusions after reading these articles. Each comes from a reputable source and contains what each considers to be accurate information. As you read this blog, realize that our critiques of articles are biased, but hopefully there is enough information for you to draw your own conclusions about the legalization of medicinal marijuana.

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Mark Hope said...

Medicinal weed is used as aromatherapy by many patients suffering from anxiety, depression , glaucoma etc. marijuana is very effective alternative medicine.